AG集团简介About Us


The company was founded since 1987, it integral transfer from Zhejiang metallurgy bureau of industry supply and marketing development. Now it belongs to the HANGZHOU IRON AND STEEL GROUP COMPANY in wholly owned subsidiary company. Out company mainly engaged in iron/ non-ferrous metals/ furnaces refractory etc. it’s a large scale state owned trade flows enterprise that include domestic and foreign trade, modern logistics, financing investment, extended services, advanced manufacturing.

       杭钢集团(浙江冶金集团)创建于1957年,是一家以钢铁、贸易流通、健康地产、环境保护、第三方检测、酒店餐饮、科研设计、高等职业教育、黄金开采冶炼等多元产业协调发展的大型企业集团,拥有全资及控股子公司37家,其中杭州钢铁股份有限公司于1998 年在上海证券交易所挂牌上市,股票代码600126.

The company was founded in 1956, it’s a harmonious development large enterprise groups, focus on steel, circulation trade, green land property, environmental protection, the third party testing, hotel dinging service, research design, higher vocational education, gold mining and smelt etc. and owned thirty seven wholly-owned subsidiaries and holding subsidiary, and Hangzhou steel co., LTD., listed on the Shanghai stock exchange in 1998, stock code is 600126.